Other Projects

Marie Cantagrill International Violin Competition


One of Marie Cantagrill's big projects to support young talents : the "Marie Cantagrill International Violin Competition"

The competition welcomes every year many young and talented violinists coming from the best Music Schools, Hochschules, Conservatories of France, Europe (Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium...) and even much further (Bangladesh, Venezuela, Russia, Korea, China, Japan ...).

It is is open to all levels (from Beginners to Excellence levels), to all nationalities and all countries and is designed to create an emulation, that is a dynamic fit to stimulate the arising of new talents. This «musical encounter» gives to all a chance to discover new interpretations, technics and also profit of wise and professional advices, all of that in an atmosphere of conviviality and sharing.

The 1st prize winners of each category are invited to come back in October to play as soloists with the Ariege Chamber Orchestra during the competition's prize winners concert.

A great event and opportunity for those young musicians and a beautiful and unique moment also for the numerous audience coming to discover these talents.

Public Reharsals


Since 2012 Marie Cantagrill has launched a cycle of Public Rehearsals with the Ariege Chambre Orchestra (OCA).

These public rehearsals take place in Saint-Girons (where the orchestra is based) but they can also take place in the Midi-Pyrénées region and elsewhere. They often perform in schools, universities and other original venues or more remote townsto open the classical music world to the largest audience possible.

Open House with Marie Cantagrill: How do we register a CD?


Willing to open the doors of the Classical Music World to the widest audience possible, Marie has also opened the doors of her last recording session (Bach - Sonatas 2 & 3).

A unique moment for the audience who could witnessed the whole process of a recording session and had a glimpse at the backstage life of a CD creation and work of an artist and a Record Company.

The take played by Marie in public during this Open-Doors Session was used and included in her last Album.

Supporting great and important causes and charity events


Marie Cantagrill is also a socially engaged artist. She performs regularly in benefit concerts for miscellaneous charity important causes (Cancer,  Handicapped people, Restos du Coeur, Caritas, Autism, Illiteracy, Guatemala Children, Guide Dogs…).

She is also the Honorary “Godmother” of the Y arrivarem 09 Association in France (supporting handicapped people) since 2013.


Masterclasses and Pedagogy


Marie Cantagrill gives Masterclasses and is very involved in passing on her knowledge and support to younger generations.

She has also chosen to perform in schools, universities and other original or more remote venues, and gives public and pedagogical rehearsals in order to open the classical music world to a wider public and not only to a connoisseur audience.


Artist in Residence


An artist of her time, Marie regularly works with contemporary composers who compose and dedicate works for her. 

In 2014, she launched a yearly “Artists on Residence” session  in Foix during which she works with the Ariege Chamber Orchestra and a contemporary  composer on a masterwork written for her and for the residence, before Premiering the piece in concert.

Those "Artist on Residence" sessions include public rehearals, conferences by the composer, presentation of the piece, pedagogical rehearsals...and have become a major event in the Midi-Pyrénées Region since their creations.