Marie Cantagrill Concert

“An inspirational violonist  who plays  with no-hold-barred intensity that galvanises the listener's attention...“ (The Strad Magazine (U.K)), “an ardent and moving violinist, with  a deep and luminous sound...and a twirling virtuosity...“(Classica Repertoire (France)) … Marie Cantagrill pursues her concert soloist career in France and worldwide.

After having won her 1st Prizes in Violin and Chamber Music in France, she obtained her Advanced Violin Diploma with High Distinction at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Liege (Belgium). She then also worked with Igor Oistrakh at the Bruxelles Royal Superior Conservatory  (Belgium), or with Zoria Chickmoursaeva, Prof. at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music.

Prize-winner of National and International violin Competitions (Pierre Lantier International Competition - Paris,  Special Claude Langevin Prize, Vieuxtemps Competition – Belgium..) Marie has been alternating concert tours and albums' releases.

She performs in France and abroad (Japan, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United-Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg;  Hungaria, Russia…and has been invited in miscelleneaous Venues and Festivals (The Victoria and Albert Museum – London, U.K ;  St Stephen's Church, London, U.K ; Southwark Cathedral, London, U.K ; the Grand Opéra of Rouen – France;  Opéra de Montpellier – France),  the St-Séverin Church – Paris – France, the Berlioz Festival – Musique en Sorbonne – Paris ; „Saôu Chante Mozart“ Festival , Moissac Festival , Salle Witkowksi in Lyon, Eglise des Billettes; Eglise des Blancs Manteaux – Paris,  Festival de Saint-Lizier, …).

After having recorded 2 violin and piano albums with virtuoso and romantic repertoire (« Marie Cantagrill - Romantic and virtuoso » and « Récital Slave ») as well as an album recorded with the Budapest Concert Orchestra (cond. Tàmàs Gal) at the Hungarian Radio Studios in Budapest (Tchaïkovsky Violin Concerto and Rimsky-Korsakov Fantasy on Russian Themes), Marie Cantagrill has released  a set of 3 CDs with all Bach Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin ["Let's pay tribute and be thankful to her (Marie Cantagrill) for bringing Bach back up to his true level of musician and poet, and for transmitting us the touch of the rarest artistic feelings. Believe me, do not miss out on this incomparable CD." [FRENCH MUSICAL CONFEDERATION- 2012- Review from the new J.S BACH - Sonata n°1 & Partita n°1" Album]

Six albums, unanimously praised by audiences as well as by critics (The Strad Magazine – United-Kingdom ; International Arts Manager – U.K ; Le Monde de la Musique; Paris Match; Classica Repertoire; RTL – Alain Duault – Emission „Classic Classique“;  France Musique; La Confédération Musicale de France ; La Lettre du Musicien; The Belgian Musical Counsel Magazine ; der Zürcher Oberländer (Suisse ); Polytechnique Magazine ; etc...).

In October 2010, Marie Cantagrill was invited to perform J.S Bach - Violin Concertos with the Ariege Chamber Orchestra (OCA).  This new collaboration boosted the orchestra and led the ensemble to name Marie Cantagrill Musical Director of the OCA in 2011.  A new start for the OCA and its musicians who started working towards excellence with Marie.

An artist of her time, Marie regularly works with contemporary composers who compose and dedicate works for her.  In 2014, she launched a yearly “Artists on Residence” session  in Foix during which she works with the Ariege Chamber Orchestra and a contemporary  composer on a masterwork written for her and for the residence, before Premiering the piece in concert.

Marie Cantagrill is also a socially engaged artist. She performs regularly in benefit concerts for miscellaneous charity important causes (Cancer,  Handicapped people, Restos du Coeur, Caritas, Autism, Illiteracy, Guatemala Children, Guide Dogs…). She is also the Honorary “Godmother” of the Y arrivarem 09 Association in France (supporting handicapped people) since 2013. 

Being well aware of the importance and of the impact Classical Music can have on  people’s life, she’s chosen to also perform, accompanied by the Ariege Chamber Orchestra, in smaller and sometimes more remote venues and towns, as well as in schools, universities, and other unusual venues in order to reach a new and different public and bring them to the joys of classical music.

Marie has also at heart to support the young generation of violinists. She created, along with the “Association Musique et Partage en Couserans”, the “Marie Cantagrill International Violin Competition” (open to all levels from beginners to excellence levels) taking place since 2013 in Saint-Lizier en Couserans, in the Pyrénées in South West of France. The competition welcomes every year many young and talented violinists coming from France, Europe and much further.

Marie Cantagrill is playing a Bernardus Calcanius violin from 1748.

« Marie Cantagrill…A huge talent and an incomparable generosity » Paris Match